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Tarmac has been the traditional surfacing option for all types of surfacing from roads to domestic driveways.
But with such a large choice of surfacing options, tarmac is sometimes overlooked by homeowners in Surrey and surrounding areas.
However, tarmac is worth a closer look, because, when professionally laid, it not only looks great but is a cost-effective option. What’s more, it can be laid over existing surfaces and, we can also add block paved edges to create an attractive 'picture framing' look to your tarmac driveway.
Laid with hot tar, once cooled, the surface becomes extremely resilient and durable taking the weight of any vehicle easily. And, with different colour options available, you can add a little individuality to the look of your drive. Metro Paving and Landscaping also offers kerbing with decorative stones and we can also create a mix of block paving and tar surfacing for driveways to create a stylish driveway for your home.
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At Metro Paving and Landscaping we offer a professional driveway/patio design service using driveway visualiser software, this makes it possible for us to super impose your new driveway onto your property. This allows us to produce realistic printouts free of charge as well with a schedule of proposed works and a full written estimate all free of charge.

A variety of block paved driveway options are available to suit all homes.
A full design appointment usually lasts just one hour simply call 0208 485 8195
We work closely with our customers in order to guarantee complete satisfaction and peace of mind. No job is too big or too small, with our expertise ensuring that each project is properly organised and efficiently completed to the highest possible standard.

Proper preparation is perhaps the most essential part of any project. We spend time ensuring that the ground is properly prepared in order to ensure a long-lasting and flawless finish.